Updates to The ARP

A significant amount of new content has been added to the American Redistricting Project this week. The easiest way to keep up with new updates is to follow the American Redistricting Project on Twitter @MappingAmerica.

New content at TheARP.org includes a track of the 2020 Redistricting-Related Ballot Measures, a series of blog posts on reapportionment—including a background on the process and forecasts for the 2020 reapportionment for both the total resident population and the total citizen population, and litigation pages for several active cases.

National News

On July 21, President Trump signed an presidential memorandum to exclude illegal immigrants from the apportionment base.

American Greatness looks at what is at stake the upcoming redistricting cycle heading into the fall elections.

The Hill reported on how the coronavirus impacted redistricting-related ballot measures.

2020 Census

The Census Bureau expanded its door knocking efforts to combat low response rates in several states and cities, specifically Native American communities.

State News


Alabama is in danger of losing a congressional seat due to a poor census response rate.


Governor Ducey appointed 6 new members to the state’s judicial appointments board - the group responsible for screening applicants for the Independent Redistricting Commission.


In light of the census delay, the California Supreme Court extended the deadline for new legislative and congressional maps until December 15, 2021. The diversity of the citizens redistricting commission is being criticized.


Officials are worried that the state’s low census response rate will have lasting negative impacts on its funding and representation.

New Jersey

Senate Majority Leader Vin Gopel announced his support of a redistricting amendment prior to the New Jersey Assembly Judiciary Committee hearing heard testimonies on the resolution. Some officials voiced concerns the proposal will disproportionately affect minority populations even with a redistricting deadline delay.

New Mexico

The state’s self response rate is 10% behind the national average.


The 200 semifinalists selected for the state’s new redistricting commission have mixed sentiments regarding their selection.


An initiative seeking to create a redistricting commission was withdrawn.


Oregon’s Attorney General appealed a federal judge’s ruling that favored a ballot measure to create a redistricting initiative.


The state Senate approved a measure allowing voters to decide if judges continue to be elected by statewide vote or organized into districts for better regional representation on the courts.


Officials in Texas raise concerns that the state’s projected three-seat gain in congressional representation will be negatively affected by President Trump’s new executive order.


A third party launched a campaign to generate support for the constitutional amendment seeking to create a redistricting commission.