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According to recent analysis “multiple officials in states controlled by Democrats are busily reneging on promises to get politics out of the redistricting process.”

State News


Colorado’s redistricting commissions are still awaiting the state Supreme Court’s decision on their request to extend redistricting deadlines. The commissions have proposed time-saving changes to their public input and mapping procedures in the event the court rejects their deadline extension request.


The Maine Supreme Court granted state lawmakers’ request to extend the state’s redistricting deadlines. Under the new timeline, the state’s redistricting commission has 45 days from the receipt of census data to deliver congressional and legislative plans to the legislature.


The leaders of Maryland’s General Assembly are considering convening a special session in early December to handle congressional redistricting.


Montana’s legislative redistricting commission adopted criteria for the creation of new legislative redistricting plans later this year.

New Jersey

The Chief Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court requested that state party leaders reconvene the state’s redistricting commission to reach a consensus as to who the eleventh, tie-breaking commissioner will be, but Republicans have already objected to the Democrats’ second proposed candidate. Republicans on the redistricting commission have given the Secretary of State until August 2 to answer questions on how incarcerated persons will be reallocated for redistricting purposes.

New York

As the state’s redistricting commission began holding its public hearings, the head commissioner emphasized his desire for all New Yorkers to have an equal say in the redistricting process.


In a recent court filing, the U.S. Census Bureau stated that it still expects to provide state officials with the data necessary for redistricting, albeit in a legacy format, by mid-August.

South Dakota

The chair of South Dakota’s legislative redistricting commission expects to begin their work at the end of next month.


At the Washington State Redistricting Commission’s latest public hearing, residents of several currently divided areas pushed for the new legislative districts to keep their communities whole.