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National News

Redistricting News

President Trump’s memorandum faces challenges as states and liberal groups file lawsuits against the exclusion of illegal immigrants from the reapportionment count. Studies show the new policy would largely impact California, Florida, and Texas.

Four states continue moving towards redistricting reform through ballot measures.

2020 Census

The Census Bureau is sending postcards as a final reminder ahead of in-person non-response follow-up.

State News


State officials are concerned about the state’s census response rate and are pushing for increased census participation.


An Arkansas board approved the ballot title and popular name for ae proposed constitutional amendment. The state Supreme Court appointed a special master to review the Secretary of State’s decision to disqualify the measure.


California could lose two congressional seats if illegal aliens are removed from the apportionment base.

New York

A proposed amendment to change how legislative lines are drawn could enable Democrats to undo a previous voter-approved constitutional amendment.


A group that withdrew a redistricting ballot measure says it will continue to fight for “transparency.”


The 9th Circuit rejected the Attorney General’s bid to keep a redistricting measure off the ballot.


Virginia Democrats are divided over a proposed constitutional amendment on the ballot in November.