National News

2020 Census

The Census Bureau announced it would not release the results from the 2020 American Community Survey, citing incurable data inaccuracies caused by the pandemic. Recently released documents show that at the end of the 2020 census count, the Census Bureau had no population data for nearly one-fifth of the nation’s college dorms, nursing homes, and prisons. On August 5, the Census Bureau will host an informational webinar in advance of the release of the 2020 census legacy format data. Fair Lines America Foundation withdrew a request for a court order requiring the Census Bureau to release 2020 census group quarters records following a Census Bureau filing claiming that its disclosure would delay the release of data by up to six months.

Redistricting News

Democrats' rush to file redistricting lawsuits before census data has been released points to a strategy of involving courts in the map drawing process as much as possible.

State News


The state’s congressional redistricting commission extended its deadlines for adopting a final plan to September 28 and for final map submissions to the state Supreme Court to October 1.


All six members of the Idaho Commission for Reapportionment were appointed.


MALDEF amended its complaint challenging the Illinois General Assembly’s enacted legislative redistricting maps to address certain issues raised by the defendants as cause for dismissal.


State activists are asking state lawmakers to extend their redistricting process timeline to allow for more public involvement.


Before the first redistricting town hall, State Republican and Democratic lawmakers already have disagreements over the state’s redistricting process.


At a recent public hearing, residents of Prince George’s County urged the Maryland Citizens Redistricting Commission to keep their communities whole when drawing new legislative and congressional districts.

New Jersey

State Republicans criticized their Democratic counterparts for their handling of the nomination process for the tie-breaking member on the state’s redistricting commission, and the parties have since told the New Jersey Supreme Court they are unable to agree on who the final commissioner should be.


Activists publicly testified to state redistricting authorities on the importance of maps being drawn based on public input and efforts to communities intact. The General Assembly’s redistricting committees launched an online public mapping tool for the public to draw and submit congressional plans.