National News

2020 Census

The Census Bureau announced that the 2020 Census legacy format data will be released on August 12, four days earlier than expected.

Redistricting News

With federal courts now closed to partisan gerrymandering claims, this redistricting cycle's partisan gerrymandering battles will be fought primarily in the states. The campaign arm of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus announced a six-figure investment in Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico to support Latino communities in the upcoming redistricting cycle.

State News


The state’s redistricting commission is preparing to begin drawing maps as their series of public input hearings ends.


The majority of public testimony given by Georgians at redistricting hearings held across the state centered around fairness, public input, and transparency.


The Michigan AFL-CIO submitted its own legislative redistricting plan and analysis to the state’s redistricting commission for their consideration. Liberal activists raised concerns over the law firm that the state’s redistricting commission is considering hiring for the upcoming cycle. Those same activists had no concerns when the commission hired a liberal lawyer as their VRA consultant over the concerns of some Republican commissioners.

New Jersey

The New Jersey Supreme Court selected the Democrats’ nominee to serve as the tiebreaking member on the state’s congressional redistricting commission, but the tiebreaking member for the legislative redistricting commission may not be selected until November.