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National News

2020 Census

As nationwide door knocking operations are underway, along with phone and email, advocates and officials fear a severe undercount. Facing subpoenas, Census Bureau officials assure Americans the count will not be negatively affected by the September deadline, pointing to the new hire of another data deputy.

Redistricting News

Democrats and Republicans are prioritizing state legislative races heading into the next redistricting cycle.

State News


Congressional Democrats are calling for an October 31 deadline for the census as state officials encourage the public’s engagement with the state’s new redistricting commission.


A group continues to seek redistricting reform in the hopes the public will “advocate for themselves.”


With the census deadline drawing near, rural response rates are lagging.


Louisiana has the ninth-worst self-response rate in the country.


Non-Response Follow Up has begun in Maine for households that have not responded to the census.


13 commissioners were selected Monday afternoon for the state’s first Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission.


The state’s response rate lags behind the rest of the country despite door-to-door canvassing beginning last week.


A Missouri court ruled in favor of Clean Missouri’s suggested ballot summary. Missouri's Attorney General will appeal the ruling.


On Thursday, August 20th a webinar will be held discussing the likelihood of Montana gaining a congressional seat.

North Dakota

Brighter Future Alliance requested the state Supreme Court keep a redistricting measure off the ballot even as a grassroots group asked voters to consider various election changes.


In light of the upcoming redistricting cycle, Republicans are pushing for a state super-majority.