National News

2020 Census

As the redistricting cycle begins, states and stakeholders will have to grapple with the uncertainties and issues in 2020 Census data caused by the Census Bureau’s new differential privacy system.

Redistricting News

New York's new Governor says she has a "responsibility" to help Democrats expand their House majority.

State News


State lawmakers approved guidelines for this redistricting cycle.


In a one-day special session, State Democrats approved a revised legislative redistricting plan over the objections of Republicans and some community groups.

North Dakota

The state’s redistricting committee agreed to use the same number of legislators and the districts they represent as a template for new electoral districts.


The state legislative committee tasked with redrawing legislative districts will miss their September 1 deadline for adopting new maps, triggering their next deadline of September 15.


Residents of Pennsylvania's 14th Congressional District asked state lawmakers to keep their district whole when redrawing district boundaries this cycle.


The Speaker of the Tennessee House of Representatives announced the members who will serve on the House’s redistricting committee.


The Texas Legislature approved a plan to postpone their March 2022 primary elections in the event legislative redistricting is not completed in time.