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National News

2020 Census

September is “Navajo Nation Census Month” as census workers continue canvassing reservation populations. Some cities are ending their census count earlier than the Census Bureau's September 30th deadline. The GAO expressed concerns of an inaccurate enumeration. There is only one month left until the self-response phase comes to an end.

State News


Similar to March Madness, the state is holding a census bowl for the 32 districts with the lowest response rates.


In light of Arizona having one of the lowest response rates in the country, partisan groups are preparing for the next redistricting cycle.


The state Supreme Court blocked a redistricting measure from the November ballot.


The state stands to lose both political power and federal funding after the census count.


After a surge in responses, 12% of households have yet to respond to the census.


A bipartisan group of state leaders are urging Marylanders to complete the census.


Advocates fear an incomplete count.


Republican lawmakers are not appealing to the state Supreme Court after a Missouri appeals court panel altered the ballot summary for a proposed redistricting amendment.


All House legislators will be involved in the upcoming redistricting process.


With billions of dollars in federal funding at stake, the state looks to invest $15 million into a census ad campaign.


A new PAC has formed in opposition to Amendment 1 as officials fear the lawsuit seeking to edit the redistricting ballot question’s language could lead to a delay in absentee ballots.

West Virginia

Field workers are canvassing the uncounted parts of the state.


Door to door operations begin in the final month of the census.