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National News

2020 Census

The Census Bureau continues to prepare to layoff census takers at the end of September, but a new bipartisan Senate bill could extend the census deadline. Meanwhile, the government upsets another federal judge and Massachusetts Secretary of State William Galvin says he may contest the final count. Other Census reporting this week examined logistical issues, concerns of extreme truncation, and a lack of funding for college towns.

Three federal judges blocked President Trump’s order to exclude people in the country illegally from the reapportionment base.

State News


The state has the lowest response rate to the 2020 census.


The Commission on Appellate Court Appointments will have its first screening Thursday to narrow down 138 total applicants for the state’s Independent Redistricting Commission to 25. Groups work to get their communities counted in the census.


A federal judge dismissed with prejudice another lawsuit attempting to add a redistricting amendment to the November ballot.


The balance of power at the state legislature is just two state senate seats.


A third party group as well as a bipartisan campaign oppose a redistricting amendment on November’s ballot.


Well-known tribal members emphasize the importance of the 2020 census.

New Mexico

Tribes in the state face pressure to increase census participation before the deadline.

New York

New York City is struggling with low census response rates. The state legislature was accused of undermining a voter approved redistricting commission amendment.


Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted encourages Ohioans to complete the census forms.


A lawsuit challenging the wording of the proposed redistricting amendment was dismissed.