Significant Mapping Developments


Colorado’s Redistricting Commissions approved a congressional plan and released their second staff legislative plan.


Georgia’s Lt. Governor and Senate Redistricting Chair released a proposed draft congressional plan.


Maine has enacted its congressional and legislative plans.

North Dakota

The State Legislature’s redistricting committee approved a draft legislative redistricting plan.


Following a contentious special session, Oregon’s Governor signed into law a congressional and legislative redistricting plan put forward by state Democrats.


Texas Senate Republicans released their proposed congressional redistricting plan.


Washington Democrats and Republicans each released their proposed legislative redistricting plans.

Important Dates

This Week

Arkansas – 9/29: Special session expected to convene

Indiana – 10/1: Special session expected to adjourn

Iowa – 10/5: Special session convenes

National News

Redistricting News

Dozens of redistricting lawsuits have already been filed in the past few months, a sign that this cycle will likely by marked by years of litigation. As States begin redrawing their electoral maps, congressional Democrats are facing pressure to enact federal legislation overhauling the redistricting process.

State News


Arkansas legislators have proposed congressional redistricting plans which would split Pulaski County.

New York

The Democratic Party’s opposition to gerrymandering will be put to the test in states like New York where their party controls the Legislature.


Three different lawsuits were filed challenging the Ohio Redistricting Commission’s adopted legislative redistricting plans as unconstitutional partisan gerrymanders.


Pennsylvania’s Governor created a Redistricting Advisory Council to aid in the state’s congressional redistricting process later this year.


Virginia’s Supreme Court rejected a challenge to a state law requiring incarcerated persons to be counted as residents at their last known addresses for redistricting purposes.


Wisconsin Republicans are asking the U.S. Supreme Court to dismiss a redistricting lawsuit brought by Democrats in federal court after the Wisconsin Supreme Court agreed to hear a similar redistricting action.