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National News

2020 Census

After a federal judge ordered the Census Bureau to continue visiting homes for another month, the Justice Department appealed the ruling. Secretary Ross announced that the Census will end on October 5th, despite the judge’s order. The administration wants to meet the statutory deadline of December 31st.

Redistricting News

Former President Obama emphasized the importance of down ballot races as they relate to redistricting.

State News


Two applicants to be the independent chairman on the state’s redistricting commission showed support for Republican candidates.


A circuit judge struck down the law that prevented a redistricting-related ballot measure from going before voters in November. The measures are still dead for 2020.


Officials look to close the gap of undercounted populations.


Governor Kemp urged Georgians to complete the census. A county is challenging a court-ordered redistricting.


Governor Pritzker urges residents of southern Illinois to participate in the census.


After an independent redistricting commissioner resigned, a Van Buren township man was selected to fill his vacancy. The commission’s meeting schedule can be found here.


Ballots sent to two counties had incorrect redistricting language.


In hopes of gaining a second seat, the state looks to improve census responses.

New Mexico

The state’s response rate is below the national average. Governor Lujan Grisham wants a longer census count if Biden is elected.

North Carolina

The census court battle could have lasting implications.


A redistricting reform bill, SB 1242, moved to the Senate Floor.


Democrats are divided over the bipartisan redistricting amendment.

West Virginia

The state has achieved a 99.9% response rate to the census.