Significant Mapping Developments


Indiana enacted congressional and legislative plans.


The Iowa Legislature rejected the first proposed congressional and legislative redistricting plans.


Nebraska enacted congressional and legislative plans.


The Ohio General Assembly missed their congressional redistricting deadline, so now the Ohio Redistricting Commission has until the end of October to adopt a plan.

Important Dates

This Week

Michigan – 10/12 Deadline: Commission Publishes Draft Maps

Virginia – 10/10 Deadline: Commission Sends Plan to Legislature

Next Week

Utah – 10/17 Deadline: Legislative Committee Congressional & Legislative Hearing

National News

Redistricting News

NRRT co-chairman Chris Christie reiterated that the group’s mission is to secure fair and constitutional maps across the country. Redistricting plans that have been released thus far indicate the Republican Party is making strides to secure the party’s strength for years to come.

State News


A federal lawsuit filed by Alabama voters alleges the state’s current congressional districting plan is a racial gerrymander and calls for counties to be kept whole in any new plan.


Party activists from both sides are attempting to influence the state’s redistricting process by taking advantage of California’s various public input mechanisms.


Maine’s newly adopted congressional districting plan makes the state’s sole swing district less Republican.


The Maryland General Assembly’s Redistricting Commission plans to release draft congressional plan proposals by November 15.


Governor Charlie Baker signed a bill requiring cities and towns to complete local redistricting only after the Legislature has completed congressional and legislative redistricting.

North Dakota

The State Legislature will convene in a special session on November 8 to address legislative redistricting.


The Ohio Supreme Court denied a request to appoint a master commissioner to oversee discovery disputes in the pending challenges to Ohio’s enacted legislative plans.