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2020 Census

Census workers received a text to continue operations after a federal appeals court upheld an extended deadline. Earl “Trey” Mayfield was appointed as Steve Dillingham’s counselor. Census officials say the count could be finished, but are obeying the court’s order.

The U.S. Supreme Court will move quickly to hear the Trump Administration’s appeal concerning illegal immigrants’ inclusion in the reapportionment count.


The National Conference of State Legislatures explains why some redistricting cases receive a three-judge panel.

State News


Daniel Claypool was hired as the Executive Director of the state’s redistricting commission.


An amendment locking the number of legislative districts at 35 will appear on November’s ballot. Idaho is among the top six states in census responses.


Outside groups focused on redistricting are investing in Kansas’ state races.


Groups fear an undercount despite a high census response rate.


The state Senate and House will hold a redistricting training on October 12th.


Both Secretary of State candidates discuss their positions on redistricting.


Advocates worry schedule confusion will result in an undercount.