Significant Mapping Developments


The Arkansas legislature passed a congressional plan and sent it to the governor.


Colorado’s legislative redistricting commission approved final state House and state Senate plans and sent them to the state Supreme Court for review.


Michigan’s redistricting commission approved 3 state House draft plans, 3 state Senate draft plans, and 4 congressional draft plans for public comment.


The Texas Senate approved a congressional redistricting plan and sent it to the House.

Important Dates

This Week

Texas – Currently in special session.

West Virginia – Currently in special session.

Next Week

Illinois – Veto Session to begin on October 19.

Iowa – Legislative Services Agency expected to send second proposed redistricting plans to the state legislature by October 21. Special session to begin on October 28.

Virginia –10/26 deadline: Commission submits 1st round of congressional maps to General Assembly.

State News


Several Latino advocacy groups, Democratic party organizations and counties filed objections to the Congressional Redistricting Commission’s approved redistricting plan. Oral arguments on objections were heard earlier this week.


Iowa’s Legislative Services Agency says their second proposed redistricting plans will go to the Legislature by October 21. Legislators will return on October 28 in special session to vote on the plans.

New York

Democrats view New York as the best hope for retaining the U.S. House majority, where State Democrats are looking to draw out several Republican-held seats.


The Ohio Supreme Court ruled that the Republican members of the state’s redistricting commission can be questioned in the lawsuit challenging the commission’s adopted legislative plans.


Former Oregon Secretary of State Bev Clarno is leading a lawsuit challenging the state’s enacted congressional redistricting plan as an unlawful partisan gerrymander.


Following a breakdown in negotiations, Virginia’s redistricting commission announced they would quit working on legislative plans and focus only on new congressional plans.


A federal district court agreed to partially pause the lawsuit challenging Wisconsin’s redistricting plans and timeline but left open the possibility of intervening in the future if needed.

West Virginia

West Virginia lawmakers returned for a special redistricting session on Monday and the House and Senate Committees have begun releasing proposed plans.