National News

2020 Census

The Census Bureau is hosting a news briefing this afternoon to address updates on operations, concerns of accuracy and completion, and next steps.

The Supreme Court will hear arguments concerning the Trump Administration’s order excluding illegal immigrants in the reapportionment population base on November 30th.

Redistricting News

State legislative races, particularly in the Midwest, take on added importance approaching the redistricting cycle.

State News


Megan Carollo will replace an independent chair candidate for the state’s redistricting commission who withdrew from consideration. The Arizona Republican Party raised concerns over one of the commission’s Republican finalists.


The state risks losing two congressional seats.


A random selection was held this morning to fill the second commission vacancy.


Voters will have the final say in an expensive redistricting fight.


Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick appointed Senator Brian Birdwell to the Senate Redistricting Commission.


As race and incumbents’ addresses become central topics in the redistricting discussion, lawmakers intend to remove language from the budget that would allocate funds to a redistricting commission.