Significant Mapping Developments


Alabama’s state House passed a congressional and state House plan, and the state Senate passed a state Senate plan.


Arizona’s redistricting commission approved official draft congressional and legislative plans.


Colorado’s Supreme Court approved the congressional redistricting commission’s final congressional plan.


State House Republicans released a proposed state House plan and state Senate Democrats released a proposed state Senate redistricting plan.


Idaho’s redistricting commission released a proposed legislative plan for public comment.


Democrats in the Illinois Legislature passed a heavily gerrymandered congressional plan on the last night of their special session.


Iowa’s Legislature passed the LSA’s 2nd set of congressional and legislative plans and sent them to the governor.


The Massachusetts General Court passed state House and Senate redistricting plans and released a proposed congressional plan.


Michigan’s redistricting commission advanced three proposed congressional plans and a state Senate plan for public comment.

North Carolina

The state Senate passed a congressional and state Senate plan, and the state House passed a state House plan.


Republican legislative leaders released a proposed congressional redistricting plan.


Utah’s advisory commission submitted final congressional and legislative plan proposals to the Legislature.

Important Dates

This Week

Alabama – In special session

Georgia – In special session

North Carolina – In special session

Michigan – 11/5: Commission votes on proposed maps for public comment

North Dakota – 11/8: Special session convenes

South Dakota – 11/8: Special session convenes

Massachusetts – 11/8 Deadline: Adoption of final legislative plans (due to 1-year residency requirement for candidates)

Next Week

Alaska – 11/10 Deadline: Board must adopt final legislative plans

Montana – 11/14 Deadline: Commission’s final congressional plan filed with Secretary of


California – 11/15 Deadline: Commission must release preliminary draft congressional and

legislative plans

Colorado – 11/15 Deadline: State Supreme Court review of commission’s legislative maps

Maryland – 11/15: General Assembly’s commission expected to release proposed plans

Oklahoma – 11/15: Special session convenes

Washington – 11/15 Deadline: Commission submits final congressional and legislative plans to Legislature

National News

2020 Census

Due to the Census Bureau’s new differential privacy algorithm, some people and residences are noticeably missing from the 2020 Census results.

State News


California’s redistricting commission released “visualization” drafts of congressional and legislative districts.

North Carolina

A coalition of voters and civil rights groups filed a lawsuit challenging the N.C. General Assembly’s decision to prohibit the use of racial data when redistricting this cycle.

North Dakota

North Dakota’s governor approved a special redistricting session to convene on November 8.


The Ohio Legislature assumed authority over congressional redistricting after the state’s redistricting commission failed to submit a plan by its deadline.


Governor Evers’s advisory redistricting commission released proposed congressional and legislative plans that would narrow Republican majorities in the state.