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Democrats’ dream of a “blue wave” to consolidate their power crumbled with the results of the 2020 election. Democrats failed to flip a single state legislature as down-ballot Republicans held their majorities heading into the next redistricting cycle.

Republicans successfully retained power in all chambers that affect redistricting despite “blue wave” efforts, granting the GOP 2021 redistricting dominance. Many Democrats blame 2010 Republican gerrymandering for their lack of down-ballot success. Key Republican successes came from the New Hampshire Legislature and Montana’s new governor.

National News

2020 Census

Census takers claim they were told to falsify data, but the Census Bureau denies the allegations.

Citizen Reapportionment

A third court blocked President Trump’s attempt to base reapportionment on citizenship.

State News


Derrick Watchman was the fourth panelist named for the state’s independent redistricting commission.


As the application period for the state’s redistricting commissions closed, diversity remains an issue.


Democrats fell short in their attempt to flip the state House before 2021 redistricting.


Voters approved a constitutional amendment locking the number of legislative districts at 35.


Voter-approved Amendment 3 might spark a national fight over voting district population.

New Jersey

Redistricting will be delayed if the necessary data is not delivered to the state by February 15th after Public Question 3 was approved by voters.

New Mexico

Advocates push for fairness after talk of redrawing a Republican district.


The Virginia General Assembly passed rules for the new redistricting commission and approved Governor Northam’s redistricting budget amendment.