Significant Mapping Developments


Alaska’s Redistricting Board issued its official proclamation adopting final legislative plans.


Colorado’s Supreme Court gave final approval to the legislative commission’s adopted legislative plans.


The Florida Senate released draft congressional redistricting plans.


The Georgia Legislature passed legislative plans and sent them to the Governor for his signature.


Idaho’s redistricting commission adopted final congressional and legislative plans and filed them with the Secretary of State.


Montana’s redistricting commission approved a final congressional plan and filed it with the Secretary of State.


The State Legislature passed congressional and legislative plans and the Governor signed them into law.

North Dakota

The State Legislature passed a legislative plan and Governor Burgum signed it into law.


State Republicans released their second proposed congressional plan, which the State Senate passed and sent to the House.


Utah’s Governor signed the State Legislature’s congressional and legislative plans into law.


Washington’s redistricting commission failed to adopt final congressional and legislative plans by their November 15 deadline, so maps will now be drawn by the Washington Supreme Court. The commission will still submit their agreed upon maps to the court for their consideration.


The State Legislature passed congressional and legislative plans, but Governor Evers is expected to veto them.

Important Dates

This Week

Georgia – Currently in special session

Oklahoma – Currently in special session

Florida – Currently in special session

New Hampshire – 11/18 Deadline: Committee’s congressional and legislative map recommendations due

Next Week

Connecticut – 11/30 Deadline: backup commission final congressional and legislative plans

Ohio – 11/30 Deadline: General Assembly 2nd Attempt Congressional Map (simple majority would result in 4-year map)

National News

2020 Census

The Census Bureau announced that the release of the American Community Survey five-year data will be delayed for the first time in its history, citing concerns over accuracy.

State News


A former Idaho state legislator filed a lawsuit challenging the Idaho redistricting commission’s final legislative plans as unconstitutionally dividing more counties than necessary.


Ohio Democrats indicated they won’t support the Republican’s congressional plan, signaling the map will only be effective for four years.


The Virginia Supreme Court rejected all three of the Republican’s nominees and one Democratic nominee for Special Master and requested new names be submitted.