Significant Mapping Developments


Arkansas’s Board of Apportionment adopted final legislative redistricting plans.


The Florida House and Senate both released draft congressional and legislative redistricting plans.

South Carolina

A panel of state Senators advanced a state Senate redistricting plan to the Senate’s Judiciary Committee.

Important Dates

This Week

South Carolina – 12/1: House special redistricting session to convene

Maryland – 12/6: Special congressional redistricting session to convene

New Mexico – 12/6: Special redistricting session to convene

National News

Redistricting News

Democrats are pushing forward with gerrymanders in states they control, hoping to offset Republican gains.

State News


The Idaho Supreme Court consolidated the two lawsuits challenging the state’s adopted legislative redistricting plans.


A state legislator filed a lawsuit challenging the state legislature’s enacted legislative redistricting plan as a partisan gerrymander.

North Carolina

A state judge rejected a lawsuit challenging the North Carolina General Assembly’s redistricting process as violating the state constitution and Voting Rights Act.


A panel of Oregon judges rejected a challenge to the state’s enacted congressional plan on the grounds there was insufficient evidence that the plan was an unlawful partisan gerrymander.


Governor Wolf announced the state’s redistricting advisory council adopted new redistricting principles to guide the creation of new congressional districts.


The Wisconsin Supreme Court adopted a least changes approach for their remedial changes to the state’s redistricting plans and stated they wouldn’t consider the partisan makeup of districts.