Significant Mapping Developments


Maryland’s state House passed the Legislative Redistricting Advisory Commission’s recommended congressional plan and sent it to the state Senate.

New Mexico

New Mexico’s advisory redistricting commission presented its maps to the state legislature, but lawmakers have introduced their own redistricting plans.

Rhode Island

State legislative leaders released two draft state House and two draft state Senate plans.

South Carolina

The South Carolina House of Representatives passed a state House redistricting plan and sent it to the Senate. The state Senate approved the second of three readings on its state Senate plan.


Washington’s Supreme Court declined to assume redistricting authority and allowed the state’s redistricting commission to submit their final adopted congressional and legislative plans to the state legislature.

Important Dates

This Week

Maryland – Currently in special congressional redistricting session

New Mexico – Currently in special redistricting session

South Carolina – Currently in special legislative redistricting session

Next Week

Arizona – 12/22 Deadline: Commission must adopt final congressional and legislative plans

National News

Redistricting News

This cycle, both parties’ map-drawers have focused less on cities and more on suburban areas as shifting demographics have changed the role that suburbs play in redistricting battles.

State News


A lawsuit was filed with the California Supreme Court seeking to force the state’s redistricting commission to hire new legal advisors and to publicly disclose private meeting records and racial voting analyses being used in map-drawing.


A third lawsuit was filed challenging the Idaho Commission for Reapportionment’s adopted state House plan as violating the state’s statutory redistricting criteria.


After Michigan’s redistricting commission voted against releasing confidential memos on Voting Rights Act compliance from a prior closed-door meeting, several media organizations filed a lawsuit to obtain the documents and to bar the commission from holding any future closed-door meetings.

North Carolina

A panel of state court judges denied requests for preliminary injunctions that would’ve barred the state’s newly enacted congressional and legislative plans from going into effect while legal challenges to them are pending.


Another lawsuit challenging the state’s enacted congressional plan as a partisan gerrymander was filed with the Ohio Supreme Court.

South Carolina

South Carolina’s state Senate elected a new Senate president at the beginning of its special redistricting session.


The U.S. Department of Justice filed a federal lawsuit against Texas, alleging their enacted congressional and state House redistricting plans violate the federal Voting Rights Act.


The Wisconsin Supreme Court issued an order adopting a “minimum changes” approach and declining to consider districts’ political compositions when it redraws the state’s congressional and legislative districts.