Significant Mapping Developments


The Democrat-controlled Maryland General Assembly passed a congressional plan over Governor Hogan’s veto.

New Mexico

New Mexico’s legislature passed a congressional plan and sent it to the Governor, and the state House passed a state House plan and sent it to the Senate.


Pennsylvania Republicans released a proposed congressional plan.

South Carolina

South Carolina’s legislature passed state House and Senate plans and sent them to the Governor.

Important Dates

This Week

Connecticut – 12/21 Deadline: Backup commission’s court-ordered deadline to complete congressional redistricting

Arizona – 12/22 Deadline: Commission’s final congressional and legislative plans.

Next Week

Missouri – 12/23 Deadline: Commission’s tentative final legislative plans filed with Secretary of State.

California – 12/27 Deadline: Commission completes final congressional & legislative maps

Michigan – 12/28: Tentative date for vote to adopt final congressional and legislative plans.

National News

Redistricting News

The number of competitive congressional districts is decreasing this redistricting cycle. Democrats have been quick to condemn gerrymandering, unless they control the map-drawing process.

State News


Three more lawsuits were filed challenging the Alaska Redistricting Board’s adopted legislative plans as violating state redistricting criteria.


The Connecticut Supreme Court granted the state’s Reapportionment Commission an extension to complete congressional redistricting by December 21.


Pushing back against a lawsuit seeking disclosure of private records and legal memos, Michigan’s redistricting commission is arguing the state constitution does not foreclose its right to “confidential consultation.”

New Mexico

New Mexico’s state Senate redistricting plan has stalled amidst disagreements over Native American representation and incumbent-pairing considerations.

North Carolina

The North Carolina Supreme Court delayed the state’s 2022 primary elections by 10 weeks pending resolution of the challenges to the state’s enacted congressional and legislative plans. Oral arguments in the lawsuit are scheduled for January 3-5.


A Pennsylvania state House committee advanced two blank congressional redistricting bills as map-drawing negotiations continue.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island’s Secretary of State launched an online tool allowing citizens to view the state’s current and proposed redistricting plans.


A lawsuit filed by a government transparency organization alleges the state’s redistricting commission violated Washington’s Open Public Meetings Act and redistricting transparency provisions.