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2020 Census

Stagnant population growth will likely result in a tight battle for the 435th seat in Congress. Census experts say they need more time but redistricting could be hindered by a delay.

Redistricting News

Capital Research Center detailed the impact of the 2020 election as both parties prepare for the upcoming redistricting cycle before the 2022 midterms.

The U.S. Supreme Court rejected a challenge to President Trump’s July memorandum excluding illegal immigrants from the reapportionment base.

State News


The state’s population growth could garner them an extra seat in Congress.


A delay in census data could result in a special session for redistricting.


The state’s House appointed its redistricting committee members.


Representative John Stefanski was chosen as the head of the state House redistricting committee.


Michigan is likely to lose a seat in Congress due to reapportionment.


Population estimates favor Montana gaining a seat in Congress. The state Supreme Court appointed a new redistricting commission chairperson.

New York

The state’s redistricting commission will receive $1 million in state funding.


Pennsylvania’s lack of population growth may cost them another seat in Congress.


Over 1,000 people applied as a citizen member of the state’s new redistricting commission by Monday’s deadline, though critics say the applicant pool is not diverse.