On November 17, 2021, Ada County, Idaho filed a petition with the Idaho Supreme Court challenging the Idaho Commission for Reapportionment's adopted legislative plans as violating the Idaho Constitution and state law. Plaintiff alleges that the Commission's final legislative plan violates Article III, Section 5 of the Idaho Constitution, which generally provides that counties can only be split in the formation of legislative districts to the extent it is reasonably necessary in order to comply with the U.S. Constitution. The plaintiff asserts that the Commission's final plan unnecessarily divided a total of 8 counties and, in support, cites to the existence of other plan proposals before the Commission that only divided 7 counties while still complying with federal constitutional requirements. Relatedly, plaintiff alleges that the Commission's plan also violates several of the redistricting criteria prescribed in Idaho Code Section 72-1506 by ignoring traditional neighborhoods, dividing local communities of interest, and dividing Ada County into 3 sections when such was not required. They are requesting a judicial declaration that the Commission's final plan is unconstitutional and unlawful due to unnecessarily dividing too many counties, a writ of prohibition barring the Secretary of State from transmitting a copy of the Commission's Final Report and Map to state legislative leaders, and for the court to remand this matter back to the Commission for revisions of the final plan to comply with state constitutional and statutory requirements.

On November 23, 2021, the case was consolidated with another challenge to Idaho's enacted legislative plans, Durst v. Idaho Comm'n for Reapportionment. On December 17, 2021, two more cases challenging Idaho's enacted legislative plans were consolidated with these actions.

For later filings in this case, see Durst v. Idaho Comm'n for Reapportionment.

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Idaho Supreme Court - No. 49267-2021 [together with Nos. 49261-2021, 49295-2021, & 49353-2021]