On February 1, 2022 a coalition of voting rights organizations and Michigan voters filed a lawsuit with the Michigan Supreme Court challenging the Michigan Citizens Redistricting Commission's adopted state House redistricting plan as a partisan gerrymander that is biased towards Republicans in violation of several different provisions of the Michigan Constitution. First, plaintiffs claim the adopted House map violates art. IV, § 6(13) because it provides a "disproportionate advantage" to the Republican Party. Second, they assert the House map violates the plaintiffs' fundamental right to vote under art. II, § 4(1)(a) because it dilutes the voting strength of Democratic voters. Third, they claim the map discriminates against Democratic voters based on their political affiliation in violation of their rights to free speech, association, and to petition the Government under art. I, §§ 3 and 5. Finally, they assert the plan violates art. II, § 4(2), known as the "purity of elections" clause. The plaintiffs are seeking a court order vacating and barring the adopted house plan from being used in future elections and remanding the matter back to the redistricting commission so that they can enact a new plan whose partisan fairness metrics match or improve upon the metrics of the plaintiffs' proposed remedial plan.

On March 25, 2022 the Michigan Supreme Court issued an order denying the petition, stating the Court was "not persuaded that it should grant the requested relief."


Michigan Supreme Court - No. 164022