Article III, § 35 of the Iowa Constitution provides that the Iowa General Assembly, with aid from the Legislative Services Agency (LSA), must complete the legislative redistricting process by September 1 of the reapportionment year, and that if a legislative redistricting plan is not enacted by September 15, the Iowa Supreme Court must cause the state to be reapportioned prior to December 31 of that year. Due to the delayed release of the 2020 Census data used for redistricting, the LSA indicated that the reapportionment process would not be finished by the constitutional deadlines. Therefore, on September 14, 2021 the Iowa Supreme Court issued an order permitting the redistricting authorities to prepare a redistricting plan by December 1.

The General Assembly passed congressional and legislative plans on October 28, 2021 and the governor signed them into law on November 4, 2021, thereby ending the action.


Iowa Supreme Court - No. 21-1281