On November 3, 2021, the Mexican American Legislative Caucus ("MALC") of the Texas House of Representatives filed a lawsuit in a Texas district court against Texas's Governor and Secretary of State, challenging the state's enacted state House redistricting plan as violating the Texas Constitution. The plaintiff's complaint centers around Texas House Districts 35 and 37, which split Cameron County twice and branch off in different directions into separate, contiguous, neighboring counties to form distinct districts. The plaintiff asserts that this configuration unnecessarily violates Article III, Section 26 of the Texas Constitution, known as the "county line rule," which generally requires that state House districts be made up of either whole counties or wholly contained within a single county, and which further specifies the circumstances under which a county may be split in creating a state House district. They are seeking a judicial declaration that the state House plan violates Art. III, Section 26 of the Texas Constitution, an injunction barring the plan from being implemented or utilized in future elections, and for the court to adopt or cause to be adopted a legally appropriate alternative state House redistricting plan.


Texas District Court, Travis County