On November 30, 2021, a group of California voters filed a petition with the California Supreme Court challenging several of the Citizens Redistricting Commission's actions taken during the redistricting process as violating various California constitutional and statutory redistricting provisions involving transparency and public input. Specifically, the petitioners allege that commissioners have held closed door meetings with interested parties without notifying the public despite discussing matters pertaining to redistricting. Next, they allege the commissioners purposefully did not disclose the records and underlying materials from those meetings, including "secret" statistical analyses of voting patterns and demographics used when drawing districts, for the purpose of avoiding public scrutiny and criticism. Finally, the petitioners challenge the Commission's ongoing retention as counsel the law firm which has represented the California Legislature and various candidates and PACs affiliated with the Democratic party. The petitioners assert that these actions violate the transparency, public input, fairness, open meetings, and open records provisions of California Constitution Article XXI, Section 2 and California Government Code Section 8253. They are seeking a preemptory writ of prohibition and writ of mandate prohibiting the Commission from meeting or communicating with outside parties to discuss redistricting matters outside of public meetings, compelling the Commission to disclose all secret meetings and underlying materials withheld from the public, and requiring the termination of their counsel.

On December 15, 2021, the California Supreme Court denied the petition.


California Supreme Court - No. S272036