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Redistricting Deadlines

Redistricting Deadlines - Congressional Redistricting Deadlines - Legislative

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Party Control Maps

Post 2020 Election - Congressional Post 2020 Election - Legislative 2011 Redistricting Control 2001 Red...


Historical and Current Redistricting Maps

Apportionment Party Control Redistricting Deadlines

Redistricting Control

As of November 4, 2020

Congressional Redistricting Republican Control (19 States - 173 Seats): Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas**, Kentucky**, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska...

Redistricting Glossary: Geography & Map Drawing

Redistricting terms related specifically to geography and drawing maps.

Block Assignment File The file format for many of the geographic products that the Census Bureau provides to states and other data users containing the small area census data necessary for leg...

Redistricting Deadlines

As the year draws to a close, along with the 2020 Census and election, states are preparing for the next cycle of redistricting. Below are the congressional and legislative redistricting deadlines ...

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Apportionment Maps

Reapportionment - Total Population Reapportionment - Citizen Population 2010 Congressional Apportionment ...

A Brief History of Modern Redistricting Control

In the United States, the responsibility for redistricting (the redrawing of election districts) is given to the state legislatures under Article I, Section 4 of the Constitution. After each dece...

Redistricting Weekly: February 25 - March 3, 2021

This week's top redistricting news.

National News Redistricting News A lawsuit filed by Ohio seeks to compel the U.S. Census Bureau to release redistricting data by March 31 so that districts can be redrawn prior to 2022 ele...

Redistricting Weekly: February 18 - February 24, 2021

This week's top redistricting news.

National 2020 Census Biden administration attorneys argued that Alabama lacks standing to stop the U.S. Census Bureau from including undocumented immigrants in reapportionment calculations....

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