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Past Congressional and State Legislative Shapefiles

Redistricting Monthly: September 14, 2023

Recent Redistricting News

SCOTUS News Allen v. Milligan Chief Justice Roberts negotiated a deal with Justice Kavanaugh to rule against Alabama’s first congressional map according to reporting from CNN . Alabama file...

Redistricting Monthly: August 8, 2023

Recent Redistricting News

SCOTUS News Alexander v. S.C. State Conference of the NAACP The Supreme Court scheduled oral arguments in a case over South Carolina’s congressional map for October 11, 2023. SCOTUS Docket...

Redistricting Monthly: July 7, 2023

Recent Redistricting News

SCOTUS News The Supreme Court issued two notable redistricting-related opinions in June and issued orders in two other related cases. Allen v. Milligan and Allen v. Caster The two cases ou...

2022 Election Results are Now Live

In the November 2022 Election, over 6,400 state legislative districts across 46 states were up for election (Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey, and Virginia did not hold state legislative election...

Redistricting Monthly: June 7, 2023

Recent Redistricting News

SCOTUS Watch The Supreme Court is nearing the end of its current term and is yet to rule on a pair of lawsuits with significant redistricting implications. SCOTUS traditionally releases all its ...

2022 Midterm Elections by Redistricting Control

The 45 states with State Legislative elections under new lines had starkly different partisan outcomes between February 2021 & December 2022 . States are grouped into five control ...

2020 Migration via IRS Tax Returns

Migration patterns from the first official county level migration data for 2020.

The data used for this analysis was provided by the Population Migration dataset from the IRS’s Statistics of Income (SOI). This dataset uses the number of tax returns filed for an approximate numb...

Redistricting Monthly: May 3, 2023

Recent Redistricting News

National News Congress Control of the U.S. House may come down to redistricting battles playing out in state courts. With the House so closely divided “ every seat matters .” Census The...

Population Estimate Shifts~ 2020 to 2022

Dive deeper into the county level population changes in the map below. Examine birth rates, death rates, international and domestic migration rates for each county from April 2020 to July 2022.

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Redistricting Monthly: April 3, 2023

Recent Redistricting News

National News Redistricting Eric Holder’s NDRC has a new President and a new Executive Director. Multiple lawsuits moving through the courts could help Republicans gain seats in 2024. ...

Redistricting Monthly: March 8, 2023

Recent Redistricting News

National News Moore v. Harper Legal analysts believe SCOTUS may try to duck issuing an opinion in Moore v. Harper after the North Carolina Supreme Court agreed to rehear the case . S...

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