The Restoring Equal and Accountable Legislators in the House Act , REAL House Act, would remove the cap of 435 total seats in the US House of Representatives in order to reduce the average congressional district size.

Exapnding the House to 585 v3

Number of Seats Gained by Expanding the House

No Change +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +11
Alaska Delaware Alabama Arizona Indiana Georgia Michigan Ohio California New York
Montana Hawai'i Arkansas Louisiana Massachusetts New Jersey Florida Texas
North Dakota Idaho Colorado Maryland Missouri Illinois
Rhode Island Maine Conecticut Tennessee North Carolina Pennslyvania
Vermont Nebraska Iowa Washington Virginia
Wyoming Nevada Kansas Wisconsin
New Hampshire Kentucky
New Mexico Minnesota
Oregon Mississippi
Utah Oklahoma
South Carolina
West Virginia

The two following maps show the approximate congressional district size by state with both 435 and 585 seats. By increasing the size of the house the deviations between the sizes of seats are minimized.

Average District Size 2020 435 Seats.png

With 435 seats the House has an average district size of roughly 751,000, but by increasing the house to the proposed 585 the average district size shrinks to 519,000.

Average District Size 2020 585 Seats.png