On April 1, 2022 a group of Missouri voters filed a lawsuit against the State of Missouri and Missouri's Secretary of State challenging the state's 2011-enacted congressional plan as violating the Missouri Constitution. The plaintiffs assert the 2011 congressional plan has become unconstitutionally malapportioned in violation of the one person, one vote requirement under article III, ยง 45 of the Missouri Constitution. To that end, the plaintiffs are requesting a judicial declaration that the 2011 plan is unconstitutional and an injunction barring the defendants from using the plan in future elections and requiring the state to adopt and implement a new, properly apportioned congressional plan in time for the 2022 elections. Additionally, the plaintiffs assert the 2020 Census data makes clear that only one compact, majority-minority district can be drawn in the State of Missouri, consisting of the City of St. Louis and parts of St. Louis County. Therefore, they are also seeking a judicial declaration that any new congressional plan must contain one majority-minority district in that area and that no other compact, majority-minority congressional districts can be drawn anywhere else in the State.

Plaintiffs voluntarily dismissed the case on May 20, 2022.


Missouri Circuit Court, Cole County - No. 22AC-CC00222