2024 Redistricting Roundup

Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, New York, and North Carolina will use new congressional maps in 2024.

There are 211 seats carried by Donald Trump (two more than in 2022) and 222 seats that voted to the right of President Trump’s vote share (an increase of one seat). The median district also marginally shifted toward Republicans. Republican Young Kim’s CA-40 is now the median district at Trump -1.9%. It was Democrat Dan Kildee’s MI-08 (Trump -2%) in 2022.

News From the States

Arkansas: The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals will not reconsider a 2023 ruling that private plaintiffs cannot sue under Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act. Plaintiffs have not publicly announced if they will appeal to SCOTUS.

Florida: The Florida Supreme Court will hear an appeal this fall over whether the state’s congressional map complies with Florida’s redistricting criteria.

Louisiana: The state enacted a new congressional map in January with two majority-black districts. A lawsuit was filed days later alleging various constitutional violations. A combined preliminary injunction hearing and trial are set for April 8-9.

Michigan: The redistricting commission filled three vacancies, was ordered to enact a new house map, appealed to SCOTUS, lost, and approved a new house plan.

Missouri: The Missouri Supreme Court upheld the state’s senate districts.

New York: New York’s Independent Redistricting Commission approved a new congressional map 9 to 1. Democrats in the legislature rejected the plan and approved a new map with some Republican support. Some Democrats wanted a more aggressive map, but concerns over further litigation carried the day.

North Carolina: Three Republican-appointed judges will preside over two of the three new redistricting lawsuits. The third case is on appeal to a separate panel after a judge ruled against the plaintiffs. A partisan gerrymandering challenge was brought in state court by a former state supreme court justice.

North Dakota: North Dakota Republicans are appealing a federal judge’s ruling requiring a new legislative district that combines two Native American tribes. The court’s map will be used for 2024.

Wisconsin: After months of litigation the Wisconsin legislature approved maps proposed by Governor Evers. The Wisconsin Supreme Court chose not to reopen a previous case regarding Wisconsin’s congressional districts.

Updates to the American Redistricting Project

Blog: ARP has a new blog series diving into the Detailed Ancestry Characteristics available in the 2020 Census Data. California is the first state featured.

Litigation: 56 active lawsuits are currently being tracked. Highlights include: