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Moore v. Harper

Legal analysts believe SCOTUS may try to duck issuing an opinion in Moore v. Harper after the North Carolina Supreme Court agreed to rehear the case. SCOTUS has asked for parties and the Solicitor General to file supplemental briefs by March 20 on how the rehearing effects SCOTUS’ jurisdiction.


Some academics are voicing support for the Biden Administration’s proposed addition of a MENA category and a consolidated race and ethnicity question.


Pre-2024 redistricting is mostly on hold as the states wait for SCOTUS’ opinions in Moore v. Harper and Merrill v. Milligan.

State News


Census data revealed that more than 500,000 people left California during the pandemic. An analysis by Fair Lines America Foundation found that California will lose 5 seats in 2030 if those trends continue.


A recent analysis found that only five of Georgia’s 236 elections for the General Assembly were competitive in 2022.


The chairperson of Montana’s redistricting commission sided with the commission’s two Democrats to enact new legislative maps for 2024.

New Mexico

Support is growing for a constitutional amendment to give redistricting authority to a commission.

North Carolina

North Carolina’s Supreme Court scheduled a March 14th oral argument to rehear a redistricting case decided by the then-Democrat majority last year.


Ohio’s Republican Governor expressed support for taking redistricting out of the hand of politicians after previously saying he didn’t want to do redistricting again.


The first redistricting done under Virginia’s new process has led to an exodus of at least 20 members.


An election will be held April 4th to fill a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. The liberal candidate has publicly voiced opposition to the state’s legislative maps.

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Notable new filings are available for Alonzo v. Schwab (KS) and Hoffman v. NY State IRC (NY) as well as dozens of other filings in 15 other active cases.