On November 17, 2021, two Nevada voters filed a lawsuit in Nevada state court against Nevada's Secretary of State challenging the state's enacted congressional and legislative plans as violating several different provisions of the state and U.S. Constitutions. First, plaintiffs allege that the enacted legislative plans are malapportioned and that this will result in the votes of the plaintiffs and others similarly situated to them being diluted in violation of various provisions of the Nevada Constitution dealing with redistricting, voter rights, and due process, including Article I, Section 13; Article IV, Section 5; and Article XV, Section 13. Similarly, plaintiffs assert that the malapportioned legislative districts also violate the 14th and 5th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Finally, plaintiffs claim that both the congressional and legislative plans are partisan gerrymanders designed to favor Democrats and dilute the votes of Republicans and Independents in violation of the Nevada Constitution's Freedom of Speech (Article I, Section 9) and Freedom of Assembly (Article I, Section 10) Clauses. They are requesting a judicial declaration that the congressional and legislative redistricting plans are unconstitutional, an injunction barring the defendant from implementing or using the maps in future elections, and for the court to order the adoption of new, constitutionally valid redistricting plans.

The case was dismissed on June 16, 2022.


First Judicial District Court of the State of Nevada, Carson City - No. 21OC001661B